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I have been very pleased with the services provided by Dr. Ali Farahani. Out of a remarkable integrity, they have set very high standards for patient care and responsible business practices. I was at a stage where I required a lot of restorative dental work and at the same time was interested in the whole body, naturopathic approach to medicine. Ali and his team have met my needs and exceeded my expectations.
- Paul, Stratford, ON

Comprehensive. Holistic. Non-toxic and eco-friendly. Quality and service oriented. Highly recommended! Dr. Farahani has forever changed my views about and understanding of oral health.
- B.J. Hardick, ON

I went here to have a severely infected tooth extracted, the infection cleaned and an implant placed. I was terrified of having the procedure performed, but the team here was so amazing and got me through it. I was laughing through the procedure, and not because of the laughing gas (okay, maybe a little because of this). There is a beautiful balance at this office of friendliness and professionalism. You feel very well cared for, never rushed. At an emergency consult, where they had to "fit me in", the staff stayed late that day and spent over two hours with me. I couldn't have felt more comfortable in trusting this team with my dental care. They are very upfront about cost, which I feel is something sorely lacking in modern dentistry. He is very aware of toxicity, and how to minimize it throughout your treatment. Very, very impressed. I will definitely be going here for any future procedures that require a specialist approach. Extremely knowledgeable.

Really appreciate Dr. Farahani's holistic approach & respect for environmental issues, right down to using washable over disposable linens wherever possible. Upon arrival, comfortable slippers & fresh hot drinks are available to help yourself to & plush furniture to recline on while waiting. However, waiting is usually not necessary; the staff seem to have a way of ensuring things run smoothly & the office always feels peaceful & calming. Dr. Farahani removed my mercury fillings the safest & best way. I appreciate he sees the idiocy of using a highly toxic chemical in one's mouth. Mandi is an exceptional hygienist; she's very thoughtful & caring, gentle but professional & thorough. Bev is their very pleasant & personable secretary. I truly think they see the importance of good oral hygiene & mean it most sincerely when they say "your investment today was...". I wish all dentists offices were just like this. A shame that we have to drive from London each time, but well worth it! 

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