Dental Disabilities

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Dental Disabilities

Receding gum lines and losing jaw bone from missing teeth are two of the most common dental disabilities facing adults over the age of 50. A dental disability is not that different from other disabilities like missing a finger, we can manage but we have to change the way we hold a pen or draw with our grandkids – so with missing gums and missing bone we compensate by chewing on the other side of our mouth where the teeth are not as sensitive from the receded gums or we chew on the side we are not missing a tooth or teeth (and consequently missing jaw bone). This compensation puts more force on the other teeth, which leads to more tooth, gum and bone breakdown – all of which happens quietly, without pain and often unnoticed. You may be living with a dental disability and not even know it. Gum line and jaw bone repair are solutions we offer to these disabilities.

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Implants help regain confidence in smiling, speaking.  Enjoy your favourite foods again, restore your smile, facial beauty, and digestion. Get more information on Dental Implants or contact us: 519-275-3600.

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