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Our Holistic Dentist office (also known as a Biological Dentist office) was created to restore your health and wellness while improving and maintaining your smile. We use the best available science and technology, combined with our holistic, natural, long-term approach to restore dental and overall health.

Our green holistic dental clinic has air that has no chemical smell - it is clean of toxins; and we've worked hard to make the office sustainable to protects our air and water, and to reduce contributing to landfills.

Dr. Farahani and the team take world-class dental training to bring 21st century dentistry to their patients.   Much of this training revolves around holistic dental practices to keep our patients healthy.  Some of our more natural approaches include: Comfortable Bite (to correct TMJ and other jaw/bite issues without surgery), removal of mercury 'silver/amalgam' fillings (safely using strict IAOMT protocols), digital microscopes (to scan mouth bacteria), ceramic dental implants (non-metal implants), among others.

We are also proud to be Canada's first, published eco-friendly dental office.  We published Canada's first outline of how to create an eco-friendly dental office for other dentists to use as a blueprint.  Canadian Dental Association article - September 2007.

Dr. Farahani is also currently serving as the Canadian President of Eco-Dental Association. (www.ecodentistry.org)

Find out more about our green dental office and what "biological dentist" or "holistic dentist" or "eco dentistry" or "alternative dentistry" really means by watching the videos below.


If you are looking for information about "holistic dentistry", "alternative dentist", "natural dentist", “homeopathic dentist”, “finding a biological dentist”, “eco dentistry” you have come to the right place!  Read and watch the videos above, read more on our related pages (links below), or contact us!

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We are happy to give you a tour of our eco-friendly holistic dental office, and explain why we are different.
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