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What make us your best choice?

We are proud to be one of a handful of dental clinics in the entire province of Ontario that is dedicated exclusively to comprehensive adult dentistry.

What makes us different?

We are an Eco-friendly Dentist Office:

We are proud to be Canada's first, published eco-friendly dental office.  After eight months of research with University of Waterloo, we published Canada's first outline of how to create an eco-friendly dental office for dentists to use as a blueprint.  Canadian Dental Association article - September 2007.  Our green dental clinic has air that has no chemical smell - it is clean of toxins.  The office is sustainable, which protects the air, water and landfills.  Dr. Farahani is also currently serving as the Canadian President of Eco-Dental Association. (www.ecodentistry.org)

We are Holistic:

Our dental care philosophy is the opposite of patch and fill dentistry.  To restore your health and wellness, we use the best available science and technology, combined with our holistic, natural, long-term approach to restore dental and overall health.  Our biological dentist is Ali Farahani DDS.  Read more about what makes us a Holistic Dentist office.

We only treat Adults:

Our typical patient is someone who has been through a lot of dentistry in their life and feels like their passed dental life doesn't match their current health philosophy.  If you are an adult who is not happy with their passed dental results, and would like to get on the path to a healthier mouth with more to smile about, contact us for more information.

We are technologically Advanced:

Dr. Farahani and his team take world-class dental training to bring 21st century dentistry to our patients. They use up-to-date techniques and technology - for example: Dental Lasers (instead of scalpels), CT scans, computer bite analysis, neuromuscular dentistry, science-based protection against mercury (during the removal of mercury 'silver/amalgam' dental fillings), digital microscopes (to scan mouth bacteria), thermography and digital x-rays among others.

Why go to all these extremes?

Our patients have been through a lot of past dental treatment, often with disappointing results, and it is our pleasure to listen to them, understand what is important to them and put them in a position to make informed choices about getting the best oral health they can get.  Why? Because you cannot deliver complex, comprehensive, dental care without using the best most advanced technology available.

View the videos below to find out if our biological dentist office is the best choice for your dental care:

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We are proud to be one of a handful of dental clinics in the entire province of Ontario that is dedicated exclusively to comprehensive adult dentistry.
What is “comprehensive adult dentistry”?   Explained by Dr. Ali Farahani:

In short, it is the opposite of ‘patch and fill’ dentistry.  If you are an adult that has been through a lot of dentistry over the years, then chances are you've had mercury/silver fillings – which are the primary source of mercury burden to our bodies; also some of these fillings may have cracked your teeth; you may have root canals with low-grade chronic infection; gum recession; lost one or more teeth which also means you’ve lost jaw bone; and consequently your teeth may have tipped causing your bite to be mal-aligned. You may also have a serious gum infection and be unaware of it; meanwhile this infection is a serious cardio-vascular risk to you as well as a source of ongoing inflammation to the rest of your body. Comprehensive adult dentistry focuses specifically on such dental issues and finds long-lasting solutions by looking at the ENTIRE picture of mouth and body health.

These conditions often lead to "dental disabilities", so our dental clinic is designed to help you prevent such disabilities. My team and I are highly trained in all facets of comprehensive adult dentistry – we take training all over North America to bring the very best oral care to our patients.

We have RNs to assist us with IV sedation for more advanced procedures. Our lounge has been created to complement your unique needs and interests.

We have the privilege of treating patients from as far east as Ottawa, west to Windsor, north to Thunder Bay and south to St. Catharine’s. Our dental clinic is a popular destination for adults with more complex/challenging needs and we are confident that we can help you, your friends and your relatives who care about their oral health and may need advanced dentistry.

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