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Mandi is our dedicated and wellness-minded, Registered Dental Hygienist. She graduated from the dental hygiene program at the Canadian National Institute of Health with Honours in Ottawa in 2008. She has been caring for our patients with her famous ‘soft touch’ since 2010. Inspired to deliver the best care to our patients, Mandi strives for excellence using continuing education and self-learning to implement natural approaches to dental hygiene care. She enjoys the versatility that her career provides on a daily basis, meeting new people and loves to help them achieve healthy smiles and confidence as well as help guide them along their transformation towards total body wellness. You can see Mandi’s caring nature in our video on how you can care for your teeth at home. In Mandi’s spare time, she enjoys living an active lifestyle including spending time outside running, biking, and hiking with her dog Charlie. She also enjoys seeing and trying new things and traveling. When at home, she likes watching various genres of movies and teaching herself how to play guitar, ukulele and piano as well as finding yummy healthy recipes to bake and cook. She loves spending time with her friends, her family and her boyfriend Pedro. She has recently started training for Tough Mudder with her boyfriend, which is an endurance event series in which participants attempt 20km long course of mud and obstacles that tests mental as well as physical strength. Her new goal is to try and learn to speak Spanish.

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