Gum Regeneration

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Gum Regeneration / "Gum Grafting"

Gum loss (gum recession) begins long before we feel that first sensitivity to hot or cold. Untreated it can lead to bigger concerns. Fortunately, this loss can be corrected with a simple procedure at our office.

Collagen gum regeneration is the process where collagen is placed into the receding gum line. This collagen stimulates new gum growth.

Common reasons for gum loss:

  • Malaligned bite.
  • Gingivitis / periodontal disease.
  • Aggressive or incorrect brushing.
  • Tooth grinding.
  • Genetics.
  • Nutrition.


Issues linked with gum loss include:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • Bone loss accompanies gum loss.
  • Infection, decay, and possible tooth loss.
  • Bad breath due to bacteria build-up.


Benefits to gum regeneration using collagen:

  • A less invasive procedure than traditional gum grafting.
  • Prevent bone loss.
  • Lessens if not eliminates sensitivity.
  • Helps to prevent tooth decay/ loss.
  • Can reduce the toothy smile that often comes with gum loss.
  • No need to cut your palate.


In gum regeneration (gum graft), a pouch is created in the receding gum line. Then strips of collagen are placed into the pouch. The pouch allows for the gums to be gently put back where they belong, covering your teeth roots. The collagen holds your gums in place and encourages new collagen growth at the site. By the two-month mark, the added collagen has been completely absorbed and replaced by new gum growth.  We use cutting edge technology which allows the patient's own blood to be spun and separated in order to derive special cells (CGF, PRF) which in turn stimulate the patient's own stem cells to grow new gum and bone.

View gum regeneration before & after photos.

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To see the difference regeneration can make, view some of our clients before & after gum regeneration photos below.

Before & After Gum Regeneration

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