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View before & after photos of: Implant supported  Bridges and Anchored Dentures.

Crowns, Bridges & Anchored Dentures (implant supported)

A dental implant is a foundation on which a crown, bridge or anchored denture is placed.

Crowns  (implant supported)

For the replacement of an individual tooth, a Crown (a false tooth) is made to perfectly blend in with the colour, shape and size of the surrounding teeth. This crown is then permanently attached to the implant.  This gives you one permanent tooth on each implant.

Bridges (implant supported)

A bridge allows multiple teeth to be supported by fewer implants. For a replacement of several teeth, a bridge is made to perfectly blend in with the adjacent teeth.  The bridge is connected to the implants. With the bridge securely connected to your jaw,  the bridge both looks and functions like natural teeth.

Anchored Dentures

If you need to replace all of your upper teeth or lower teeth, an Anchored Denture can be created which attaches to the implants (How many implants do I need?).  The Anchored Denture is used to replace the entire upper or lower arch of teeth.  Because the dental implants integrate with the jawbone, an anchored / implant-supported denture tends to be comfortable and stable, allowing you to bite and chew naturally.

Dr. Farahani has extensive experience with implant supported crowns, bridges and anchored dentures. Our clinic completes all aspects of dental implant treatment under one roof.

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View Before & After photos of Implant supported  Bridges and Before & After photos of Implant supported Dentures.

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Before & After Bridges

Before & After Anchored Dentures

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